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We must live in harmony with our mother Earth!  With our natural resources dwindling we must find and make use of both renewable resources and sustainable resources.  We must practice green living in order to leave our children a healthy, vibrant, green planet.

We at the Malibu Company have discovered a fabulous renewable, sustainable resource. Bamboo! We offer the finest in wood cutting boards, wood bowls and wood chopping blocks. All pieces are hand crafted. All of our bamboo products are non toxic!

We use the Moso Strain of Bamboo .This is a slow growing spices which yields a vary hard, durable bamboo tube.  At harvest all parts of the plant are used. Nothing goes to waste and reseeding is not required.  The Bamboo tube is merely cut at the base and than stripped.All part of the green plant are used.  Over time the Moso Bamboo grows back  and is harvested again and again in the same manner. Again and Again


The finished product is a bamboo cutting board, bamboo bowl and bamboo chopping block, which is 16% harder than maple.  These bamboo products also naturally antibacterial and non toxic. No paints or stain is used. The dark color you see is the natural color of the bamboo.  When a color shift is required we take advantage of the fact that Bamboo  has a great deal of natural sugar in it. It even looks like sugar cane.  Heat and pressure is applied and the sugar camerlizes turning the whole bamboo piece darker.  This is permanent and completely natural. We will never use any dyes stains or paints! These bamboo pieces are a Green Functional Art.

 These pieces are 100% organic and are a fabulous representation of sustainable green living.

Clean Up......         Green Products are easy to Clean up

Bamboo makes the best non toxic Kitchenware!         Bamboo helps build the very best Green Home !

                                    Bamboo makes the best sustainable non toxic Housewares!

                                                   Get Green   and then Get Greener!

Give Green Gifts !!         It is Good to Give Green Gifts !      Green Gifts are Good !   Go Green !        


Because these non toxic sustainable bamboo bowls, bamboo blocks and bamboo cutting boards are naturally anti microbial care is very simple.  The density of the bamboo does not allow  bacteria to stick well. This makes clean up a simple soap and water situation.  Nothing Else! Some mineral oil now and then to keep the bamboo looking nice and that is it.

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